Greening our local church/community centre

Blackshaw Head Chapel, first built in 1815, is the home of Blackshawhead Methodist Church. It is used both as a place of worship and as a community centre. Various community groups use it regularly: the arts & craft group, parents and toddlers groups, BEAT, the Parish Council and the youth club. The Chapel is also used for a lot of annual events, some organised by the church, like the Christmas fair, harvest festival and so on and others by the local community, such as the village fete, performances and exhibitions, with the chapel being made available as a resource.

At lot of improvements have been made to the Chapel over the years: disabled access and toilet, new kitchen, complete refurbishment of the first floor hall and insulation work and installing double glazed windows to other rooms. Most of the funding for this has been done by the Chapel with support of the local community with a small contribution from BEAT. BEAT facilitated an energy audit of the Chapel, which led to the insulation of two of the rooms and double glazed windows in three rooms with a grant from LEADER.

The Chapel is heated by electricity – including for hot water. BEAT has therefore suggested to the Chapel to have a 9kW photovoltaic solar panel system on the Chapel’s south facing roof. BEAT has offered to do the fundraising for such a project and the idea is currently being considered by the Chapel.