Nature Conservation

In 2013 BEAT started doing more nature conservation work. We purchased five bat boxes and five bird boxes, which were put up in Colden Clough. We also bought a bird box with a camera in for Colden School so that the schoolchildren and the general public can watch what is going on inside the bird box via the internet. The camera will produce pictures in colour.

We have invited speakers to our monthly public meetings to talk about birds, bats and other aspects of wildlife such as the local flora. We are arranging a birdwatching walk with a local bird expert and, if there is enough interest, we will organise a birdwatching walk for children.
BEAT has in the past commissioned wildlife surveys of particular local areas such as Colden Clough and Jumble Hole (see Documents section). Sometimes this has been done in order to provide evidence in relation to a planning application, but these surveys also build up a picture of our area and enable us to see how it is changing, if the same places are surveyed several times over the years.