Village clean-ups

Like any other town or village today Blackshaw Head attracts all kinds of litter. The debris of daily life finds its way to our hedgerows and verges, some of it from residents and some from drivers passing through. Over time the accumulation can make the place look shabby and also pose a threat to our local wildlife.

For an hour or two on a Saturday morning, residents of Blackshaw come out in force armed with gloves, litter pickers, bin bags and high visibility vests to gather what they can for proper disposal.

It's a real family affair with locals of all ages mucking in together and the array of items found seems to get more and more bizarre each time - everything from cans and plastic bottles to car tyres have been found.

The event starts at the Chapel where you will get the equipment and ends there with free refreshments for everyone involved. Children are welcome if supervised by an adult.