Community orchard

We will be doing the annual mulching around the fruit trees and bushes in the community orchard. Calderdale Council will provide us with a lorry full of wood chip but will have to drop it at Shy Bend as we cannot get the lorry onto the site of the orchard. Thanks to Carol and Garry for letting us use their land as a drop-off point.

We will therefore have to get the wood chip into about a hundred bags and transport them to the orchard. This will take place on Sunday 9th July at 12 noon. It should take about an hour and shovels and bags will be provided. However, if you have a shovel and/or some strong bags for the wood chip please bring them along. Anyone is welcome.

We will then arrange another day where we can spread the wood chip around the 75 fruit trees and 35 fruit bushes. We can then also prune the 12 plum trees.

Thanks to Mark and Phil for offering to transport the bags with wood chip from Shy Bend to the community orchard on the 9th July.